Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Flight

The lights receded through the open window, getting smaller and smaller until they could no longer be seen out the window.

The plane shook slightly, and Leez settled back in her seat. She sat in silence, closing her eyes , listening guiltily to the conversations that swirled around her.

Behind her, a man talked about tires. Whether he bought tires, sold tires or manufactured tires was not entirely clear. Regardless, he talked incessantly about tread and wear and steel=belted radials.

Ahead, a stranger on his way to New York for the first time regaled his fellow passengers with his entire career history. He had worked in the restaurant business, Hooters, actually, before moving into the booming ReFi market. Tomorrow, in Detroit, he would interview for his dream job, he breathlessly jabbered, as his seatmates hung on every word.

The restaurant man, a mecca of information on ReFis, reminded Leez of the reason she was on this plane. It had been a while since she last saw her niece and nephews and they were all she could think about. Well them and the Burger Buddies from Ken's Diner that she was going to share with Airtime, Veev, and kids. She looked over to the right to make sure she was still clutching the bag that contained the Burger Buddies. She wouldn't risk putting in her carryon during the hour and half flight. She wanted to keep watch on it at all times.

Leez new that when she arrived at the house, Airtime would rip out the camera and take pictures to capture the moment. It was a tradition when a Burger Buddy made it's way into the house. The kids and Veev would take their first bites in slow motion for the camera. "AAAAH", mouths wide open, with a lettuce hanging out of it, so so beautiful.

It seemed that everything reminded Leez of the Burger Buddy moments. She was practically jumping out of her seat waiting for the moment they would all be sitting in the kitchen eating Burger Buddies.

An hour down, about 17 minutes to go left on the flight.

Leez decided to get up and go use the bathroom before the Fasten Seat Belts sign came on for landing. Should she take the Burger Buddy bag with her or leave it on the seat? She really had to make but knew she shouldn't bring food into the bathroom. Should she chance leaving it on the seat for someone to eat?

Could she really show up to the house without the Burger Buddies. What if something happened to them. Would Airtime let her in? She wasn't sure. She couldn't risk losing them. She decided to bring them to the bathroom with her. She had no choice.

She got up to go to the bathroom, Burger Buddies at her side. When she arrived at the bathroom, she saw the Occupied sign lit up. She was happy she decided to bring the bag while she waited for the bathroom.

The door opened and the darlingest little 9 year old walked out of the bathroom. She was shocked at the resemblance between this child and Airtime's oldest. She couldn't help but ask how old he was. Maybe they knew each other. Leez couldn't believe his response.

He leaned over, and vomited at least 4 times all over the Burger Buddies and Leez, before passing out and stopping to breath.

Before Leez knew it, there was a crowd surrounding them. She couldn't find her bearings. The Burger Buddies were drowning in Vomit and so was she.

Was there any way to save the Burger Buddies?
Why hadn't she left them on the chair when she went to the bathroom?
Why had she taken a flight instead of driving from Chicago to Detroit?
How will Airtime and Veev react when they hear what happened?

So many questions.

Just so so many questions.